You have arranged a party and it's very important that it goes well. Whether you are a party organiser or the host it's a nervous time. You want everyone to enjoy themselves and there is lots to think about. Guests start arriving, some people know one another and form tight groups while others are standing around nervously talking to themselves, unsure of who else to speak to or what to speak about. You can't be everywhere all the time - there is still a lot to do. So what do you do now? You need an ice breaker and conversation starter and there is nothing better than "in your face magic".

Ben will circulate amongst you guests pulling them together as he entertains them with an unbelievable mix of magic effects that will astound and amaze. Even when he moves on they will stay talking to one another about what they have just witnessed. The ice will have been broken and the party will be underway.

Ben needs no props, stages or special lighting not even a table - everything he needs he has with him and can perform anywhere there is an audience.

Dinner parties are perfect for "table magic" here Ben will move from table to table performing amazing tricks just inches away from your guests. His unobtrusive style and range of tricks - which many of your guests will have only seen before on TV - will amaze and amuse even the most sceptical of audiences.

Whatever the size, whatever the occasion Ben's "In Your Face Magic" will help make your party become one that your guests will remember and talk about for a very long time.