Conferences and company events work best when the audience goes away on a high and motivated for the tasks ahead.

One problem that can occur is that there are a lot of opportunities for flat spots in the day. We have all experienced them - the drinks reception where nobody knows anyone else, the delays at mealtimes while food is being served.

Here's where a tailor-made close up magic performance can help. Not only will it act as an ice-breaker but company messages can also be incorporated into the act.

For example imagine the impact when someone selects a card and signs the back of it. The card then magically changes into a corporate message which when handed back to the spectator and turned over has their signature on it.

It doesn't matter where the venue Ben's style of magic can be performed wherever there is an audience.

With "In Your Face Magic" as part of the show delegates will remember the day and your messages for a long time.