Video downloads are up to 20mb so broadband connection recommended.

Card Effects

Cards are a great tool to portray magic. Ben's card ability has been known to shock, stun and silence spectators. His smooth and visual style is sure to create an entertaining experience for everyone.

Click on the image on your left to see how clever Jacks can be or the one on the right to see the snowglobe reveal your card.

Classics of Magic

Ben also performs classic magic tricks such as tricks with ropes and coins.

If you want to see a taster of how Ben can manipulate reality with a rope click on the picture to the right.

Ambitious Card

Another classic effect. This routine will make you laugh, scream and rub your eyes in disbelief.

If you are feeiling ambitous click on the pack of cards.

Welcome to "In Your Face Magic".

I'm Ben Williams and I would like to give you a flavour of what I can do to turn your special occasion into a truly memorable experience. I perform close up magic upfront and personal with no stage and no props just "in your face".

Off the Cuff

As Ben uses no stage
or props he is able to perform minor miracles with borrowed objects such as money and rubber bands.

Click the pen and note to watch as he makes the impossible possible.


Click on the playing card to the right for an interactive trick.

Ben will try and reveal your card even though you are both on different sides of a screen - possibly even different sides of the world!

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